INTEWO | World Habitat Society GmbH

Founder and Managing Partner of INTEWO. Significantly involved in the day trading of the company and project development. INTEWO is headquartered in Germany, with offices in Oman and Ethiopia. International projects, with a focus on Europe, the Middle East, and East-Africa include:

• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and baseline studies
• Research and development in the field of environmentally considerate tourism & education
• Biodiversity conservation, wildlife management & protected areas
• Tourism development and planning; tourism marketing
• Cartography, GIS, GPS, tourist information applications (iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5)
• Museums and information center development
• Public relations, train the trainer, capacity building, geo marketing
• Development cooperation, educational field trips, specialized field trips and incentives, nature trail development
• Multimedia productions, including movies, documentaries, radio features, etc.



Freelance consultant to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Projects include:

• Biosphere Reserve assessment program in the GCC
• World Heritage Site assessment and tourism in the GCC
• Tourism development and implementation programs in the GCC and East Africa
• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and baseline studies
• Consultant and advisor in environmental education and awareness campaigns and sustainable housing
• Steering Committee Member Quest4Africa
• Development, design and implementation of hard- and soft copy products, incl. web



Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of LivingCon. LivingCon is an innovative mobile building provider, that meets the environmental and demographic challenges, which the society is facing nowadays. Significantly involved in product development, marketing and communication.

• Product development (residential homes, refugee homes, mobile offices, tiny houses)
• Marketing and communication
• Corporate design, online and offline promotions and documents


Location-Independent Freelance Consultant

• Environment, tourism and sustainability
• Communication, media, project design & development, innovative sustainable services
• Adviser to ministries and governmental authorities
• International workshop participation, train the trainer courses and university lecturer


Scientific assistant at the Research Centre Senne

• Cartography, DTP and PR in the frame of the research project “Social economic effects of a potential National Park Senne”


University of Paderborn, Assistant, Faculty of Geography & Tourism

• Assembly and supervision of the department’s CIP-Pool, IT-equipment and the institute’s webpage
• Participation at and support of international symposia
• Preparation and implementation on a course for ‘Tourist Information Systems and Web Design’
• Support and recommendations in GIS, digital mapping, imaging, far distance learning and tutorials on web design, OS, graphic applications and office applications


University of Paderborn, Assistant, Faculty of Physical Geography

• Research into terrestrial and coastal ecosystems, erosion-processes and natural & man-made disasters
• Project member “Regeneration of arid ecosystems after anthropogenic impact, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia”
• Application and maintenance of the weather monitoring equipment
• Development of distance learning applications
• Preparation of and participation at international field trips
• Participation at and support of international symposia