About me

I am a professional geographer, media expert and entrepreneur with international experience in sustainable tourism development, environmental assessment, ecosystem management, web, media & application design and production. These skills are underpinned by a good knowledge of physio-geography, ecology, information technology and marketing.

I am also experienced as a consultant in world heritage sites, protected areas, GIS/GPS, biodiversity conservation, education, regional development, tourist information systems, social media, web & graphic design, and distance learning.

Since 2001 I am engaged working as a consultant to UNESCO. In 2005 I became the Managing Partner of INTEWO | World Habitat Society GmbH, a company which was founded together with the Department of Geography from the University of Paderborn, Germany. INTEWO focuses on environment, tourism and education for sustainable development. Since 2015 I am among the co-founders and active as the CCO to the startup firm LivingCon,which is developing modular sustainable building solutions.

I am cooperating with key organizations and networks, and I am a frequent speaker at international conferences and events. As a multi-location citizen I have ground bases in Schlangen (Germany), Bahir Dar (Ethiopia) and Muscat (Oman).